Macedonian Chairmanship impressions & outcome


On this occasion, we want to share a vision. A vision that is crucial in many respects. A vision that contributes to strengthening to our joint responsibility. A vision that will foster and encourage governments to deal with risks of natural disasters and to put them high on their political agendas, as a reliable investment for future generations.


Ljupco Ristovski, MPSc.

State Counsellor


Macedonian presidency with gave particular stress in that direction, as input, with this important European forum. All participants were unanimous in the conclusion that the 21st century will be century of challenges of various kinds. Mankind will be exposed to the increasing destruction of nature. Responsible institutions in the international arena, as well as governments of all countries without exception, will face the need for quick responses and reactions to the dangers that the destruction of nature brings.


The data show increase of all types of disasters, especially earthquakes, with an increase of their devastating power. Despite growing knowledge about these issues, despite the unprecedented technological progress, mankind suffers greater losses in human lives and material resources. Just for illustration, since the beginning of 2011 up to October, 55 devastating earthquakes occurred on the planet with magnitude of 5.5 to 9 degrees, thereby causing a huge number of human casualties and material losses unseen by now.
These conditions are a serious warning to the responsible international institutions and to all governments to raise the level of social responsibility to address the challenges of modern times, to develop integrated policies in the area, to strengthen institutional and human capacities, and increase mobility of the institutions in terms of building and developing plans and programs for prevention, preparation, response and recovery.


National coordination in the area of reducing the risks of disasters, although with limited capacity and modest conditions, still managed to impose on the international scene and become respectable factor, respected by all stakeholders in the area, both on European level, and within the United Nations. The Macedonian presidency of the European Forum for Disaster Risks Reduction, showed a serious approach as a country to improving the internal situation in Macedonia, along with the organized effort of the international community in terms of building knowledge about the area, finding innovative solutions to effective prevention and care, and sharing new experiences in dealing with the consequences of adverse natural phenomena with devastating effect.

The international message to all governments to work seriously and responsibly to build and develop the internal capacity and resilience of society, with an objective of continuous training and promotion of practices in the area of ​​reducing the risks of disasters was firmly and clearly accepted.


If in ancient times Noah was building the ark to save humanity from the flood, the generations nowadays are required to build the ark of knowledge and innovative solutions that will help communities to prepare for the possible dangers ahead of us.